Summer Nights Non Toxic Bug Spray & Sunburn Soother


Made with organic fractionated coconut oil, geranium, lavender, citronella, and pure CBD isolate.

4 oz. | 100 Mg. CBD.


  • please note: contents will change color to a rosy pink color after being exposed to sun. This is normal 🙂


Looking for a nontoxic bug repellant that actually works? The nontoxic CBD and essential oils in Summer Nights balances the PH level in your skin to make you virtually invisible to mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects.


The soothing combo also feels great after a long day in the sun to repair skin and stay hydrated without peeling.


Made with Organic coconut oil, Pure CBD isolate lavender, geranium, and citronella essential oil, this soothing aromatherapy profile works wonders for damaged skin and sunburn repair.