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*Third-Party Tested Hemp-Derived CBD * Minimal Ingredients * Maximum Results *Original Formula

"By far amazing products and helps so much with my aches and carpal tunnel in both hands!"

- Christina C.

"Loving my Simple Jane products - especially the bath salts and the "On the Mend" compound. They all smell great and On the Mend has helped my aching lower back."

- Stacey W.

" After my carpal tunnel surgery On the Mend and Laura's Balm were my life savers! "

-Gina E.

Both me and my husband LOVE this product! We’re both athletes and we slather this on our sore muscles every night and wake up feeling awesome!

-Private Client @ Scottsdale Acupuncture


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On the Mend Collection: Widely used and loved, this collection is a Simple Jane staple of therapeutic CBD massage oils, balms, bath soaks, body scrubs and more.


Seasonal & Special Releases: Some of our favorite small-batch products handcrafted with good vibes. Our Blessed Rose Quartz infused massage oil, bath soaks, teas and limited release products for Guest List Members Only.


Our Simply Sexy Collection: The oils that started it all, our collection of CBD arousal oils continue to be our Best Sellers! Whether you're looking to spice things up for date night or explore new things with your Lover, Arousal Oils will take your sensual pleasure to new heights.

*See Why Temptress Arousal Oil is Our #1 Best Seller *

  • Fire UP your connection to yourself & your partner.
  • Made with all-natural, simple ingredients and CBD triple-tested by a third-party for quality
  • Warming essential oils  & CBD increase circulation & gently warm things up for a sensual massage and multiple orgasms. Let's get it on!
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