7 Days for Our Service Industry Pros (1)

Those That Keep You Feeling Well Need Your Help

If you've enjoyed a service at any one of our Stockist partners, we ask you to come together to keep them supported. From March 23rd to March 31st, 40% of our website revenue will be given back in cash who has lost income as a result of COVID-19 closures. 

They are your stylists, massage therapist, estheticians, and yoga instructors. They show up every class and appointment to keep you feeling amazing in your skin and body. Please help us show up for them, this money will go straight into their pockets the following week.

Currently Supporting....
Team Memebers

Wondering What To Shop For? Here's Some CBD Suggestions

Recovery Kit


Your Mom/Grandma Who Misses You

Your Elderly Neighbor

A Parent Who Is Staying Home With The Kids

This is the PERFECT GIFT especially for those that are struggling with the isolation. Send them some love with our Himalayan Salt Massage stone and On The Mend Oil and Balm. Ideal for our elderly loved ones that are self-isolating and could use some self care, the On The Mend Balm and Oil are designed to relive tension and inflammation from arthritis in hands to shoulder and neck tension to knees and joints overall. Spread the love, one #blessed heart stone at a time!

On The Mend Roller Ball


A health care professional

Your Best Friend Who Is Self-Isolating

YOURSELF To Stay Healthy!

This one hits all the good spots. Order one for you and one for a special someone who could use an aromatherapy life. Lavender, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and vetiver are all the elements you need to soothe and uplift mind and body. Apply to temples, neck and shoulders to raise your spirits and soothe your body.

On The Mend Massage Oil


Your Sister That Is Out Of Work Right Now

Your Yoga Teacher Still Hosting Online Workouts

Your Stylist/Massage Therapist That Keeps You Feeling Great

Go big and get it all over you, On The Mend is MADE FOR THIS. Slather this oil all over after you shower to keep that skin barrier strong. Apply generously to chest and neck and don't be afraid to swab some inside your nostrils too. The powerful essential oils are not only cleansing, but great aromatherapy for signal your brain that it's ok to relax for a bit.

We're A Small Business Too & The Only Way Through Is Together.

We want to walk our walk when we say we are truly partners in our Stockists business. Their success is our success and we share their struggle through this challenging time when the things they do best can't happen. Thank you for helping us support our service-based economy together.

Want to make a donation directly?

If you are a larger company or brand or a very generous and fortunate individual and would like to make a donation directly to this fund, please contact us directly to arrange a payment. This money will be going directly back into the hands of the non-salaried staff of our partners and every dollar counts.

Chelsea Hamilton  | Simple Jane Co-Founder

[email protected] | 707-501-8468

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