Truth be told, 'On The Mend' was originally created during cold and flu season to relieve respiratory congestion, sinus pressure, body aches, and aid in faster recovery.

But then, something interesting happened:  Because of the therapeutic combination of essential oils and premium CBD oil, athletes started noticing benefits during workouts and faster recovery times. It’s been ‘game on’ ever since and the feedback has been fantastic. Here are some of the reasons you should be using CBD oil for your next workout.

Athletes Are Performing Better & Recovering Faster By Combining CBD Oil With a Few of Our Favorite Things.

What is Topical CBD Oil and Why Is It Good For Workouts?

Topical CBD oil can come in a variety of forms: lotion, creams, balms, and massage oils are just a few ways people can experience CBD without ingesting internally.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and contains many CBD receptors throughout that help to stabilize imbalances.

After a tough workout, your body PH  is thrown off balance. Topical CBD can assist the body in restoring itself by interacting with the body’s own endocannabinoid system to promote recovery.

Increases Oxygen Uptake and Circulation.

Protects & Repairs Skin Damage.

Fights Fatigue and Helps Recover Faster.

Simple Jane CBD Massage Balm (1)

Get a whiff of this...

O.k., this may actually be the top reason we love On the Mend but even the toughest athletes can't get enough of the uplifting, energizing combination of lemongrass and minty fresh essential oils.  No more overpowering menthol or accosting your partner with the smell of eye-watering camphor. Our unique blend is strong but not overpowering and it’s definitely one of the reasons we keep a bottle with us wherever we go.

Protects & Repairs

Let’s face it, athlete’s foot and other nasty germs are lurking around in every gym. Our organic beeswax and coconut oil work as a natural skin barrier and astringent to guard against bacterial and fungal conditions.

Unlike other products for muscle pain relief, On the Mend contains essential fatty acids and rich nutrients that help skin stay looking healthy and young. And since CBD is rich with antioxidants, it also helps guard against UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutants which damage the skin and promote aging.

Pre & Post Workout

The unique blend of peppermint, lemongrass and other essential oils used in On The Mend are known to increase oxygen levels to the brain and improve overall circulation. Athletes are rubbing the body balm and oil into the chest and nasal passages to awaken the senses and open airways for better performance.

" So, I've exercised nearly every day since I bought your 'On the Mend' oil. Last night was the first night I didn't use it post-workout. Totally sore today... I'm convinced."  - Micah, Napa

All Simple Jane Products are Completely Legal to Buy, Consume and Sell Anywhere Throughout The World. 

The cannabis landscape can be tricky. We take that out of the equation by using the highest quality, triple-tested imported CBD made from imported hemp. Our products are 100%  federally compliant throughout the world and made with zero THC.

Some people claim the health benefits are lessened without the THC ratios but we find that to be simply untrue. In fact, we have found the high potency CBD  to be the main active ingredient for greater effectiveness.

*All Simple Jane products are safe to use for military professionals, servicemen and women, and anyone who regularly gets blood tested.

3 Awesome CBD Combinations to Keep You 'On the Mend'

Foam Rolling & CBD Oil

It Doesn't Have to Hurt to Feel Good

Most people love to hate the foam roller but that's mostly because they are either rolling incorrectly or their fascia won't let them enjoy the ride.

Using CBD Oil before a foam roller session can gently warm up the muscles and create better circulation in the fascia. It also reduces pain sensors allowing the body to relax and recover.

According to Dr. Daniel Giordano, the co-founder and Director of Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy  rolling directly on the afflicted area can lead to further inflammation. “Foam roll above and below the site of pain,” and never roll directly on the joint itself.



On the Mend CBD Oil & Hypervolt Therapy


Using a combination of On the Mend CBD with Hypervolt and Vyper Rollers help athletes recover faster and perform better on a regular basis.

Using On the Mend CBD Oil before or after a Hypervolt session can greatly improve circulation and overall effectiveness of the treatment. The all-natural essential oils work with the body's own repair system to help speed recovery.


We are SO sure you will love our products, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee on every item purchased.