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what is an arousal oil

What is an Arousal Oil, anyway?

By SimpleJane | Jul 21, 2020

Arousal is defined as “the physiological and psychological state of being awoken or of sense organs stimulated to a point of perception.” Better than a cup of coffee, arousal is the kickstarter to your libido, and an arousal oil is like an extra shot.   Shop CBD Arousal Oils Most important thing to know: an…

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5 Reasons To Keep Temptress In Your Purse

By SimpleJane | Dec 4, 2019

More Than Just A Sexy Thing… Read Why Every Babe Needs Temptress in Her Purse. Ohh Lala One of the things that inspires us most is learning all the ways YOU use Simple Jane products in your day-to-day life. Our CBD products are designed to fit into the every-day woman’s modern life. So when we…

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