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Creating Your Own Luxury Spa at Home

Life is stressful and spas can be expensive. Here's how you can experience fabulous self-care with these tips for creating your OWN at-home Spa experience. 

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Here Are 3 Easy Ways to Create a Spa Night at Home

Get into your favorite robe, and set the mood. That can mean lighting your favorite candle, switching on a Himalayan Salt lamp, or wafting some incense. Take some deep, quiet breaths. Turn on relaxing music. You're creating space that cues your body it's "chill time."

Run your bath (or your shower) and take the time to exfoliate with a dry brush, or give yourself a gentle self-massage.

When choosing your bath products, be sure to look for soaks that are free from artificial fragrances, parabens or dyes to protect your skin. Simple Jane CBD Bath Soaks are crafted with unrefined mineral salts to replenish your skin and cured in pure CBD oil to relax and a deep, restorative level. Even soaking for just 20 minutes will allow you to receive the relaxing benefits of your wind-down ritual.

Get ready for your best night's sleep ever. Keep the electronics in another room, and soak in all the luxurious self-care you've done. Seal in your skin after your soak with your favorite massage oil and a CBD balm on any particularly sore or rough spots.

We love ending the night with a Yoga Nidra guided meditation or pulling out a pen and journal. Whether it's a mind-dump before bed or a gratitude list, working tech-free before you go to bed ensures a deep, relaxing night's sleep.

While most people are talking about the benefits of cold showers, we're still a fan of hot baths and here's why:

Soaking in a warm briny bath of unrefined minerals and organic herbs helps your body absorb important minerals such as magnesium, potassium

According to this article in Travel To Wellness, "For those who suffer from chronic conditions, salt therapy can also help reduce the stress load on the nervous system. “Any time you can relax the body, it will help put the body back into a parasympathetic mode, which is when our automatic nervous system is in a calm state. This is where we can digest properly, where we can think properly, where our organ systems can best function and heal,” says Dr. Beck. “Salt also works on the microbial level so it helps to reduce the load of infections to help boost our immune system.”



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