Naked Rebellion CBD Simple Jane

Here's the Naked truth: every woman deserves to feel amazing in her own body. That's the sentiment that brought us together with #BossBabe Jessica Wenger McPhaul, owner of Naked Rebellion.

We were already all in with the mission of Naked Rebellion: "The “universal nude” (beige) marketed as the industry standard for decades does a shockingly poor job of working for all women’s skin tones." Isn't that the truth? One Beige does not fit all and every body deserves inclusive underwear. It's a simple "Hell Yes!" in our book.

The same goes for our Naked CBD Oil.

Here's how women are using Naked CBD oil to keep them feeling amazing on the daily

  • Keep On Rollin': Pair Naked with your favorite facial roller like a Rose Quartz or Jade Roller and spend 1-3 minutes first thing in the morning massaging your face to reduce the Puff Factor and look refreshed to start your day! (PRO TIP: Keep your roller in the fridge for extra cooling and anti-inflammatory goodness)

  • Build Your Skin Barrier: Healthy skin is the key to overall wellness, that's why we slather on Naked as our all-over daily moisturizer. Light enough to use daily, Naked is super hydrating and healthy hydrated skin is the key to staying well, especially through cold & flu season.

  • Girl Talk: This all-over body oil is also our go-to if we're getting it on in the sheets, babe! Fractionated coconut oil is the PERFECT sensual lubricant as it's non-greasy and contains no sticky chemicals or weird preservatives. This is super important especially for postpartum mommas easing back into the groove with partners as the CBD and coconut oil can prevent tearing, hydrate sensitive skin and help ease discomfort.

We are honored to be a part of the Naked Rebellion Pre-Sale, as every woman who placed a pre-sale order of Naked Rebellion bras and panties will receive a little Naked CBD Oil to welcome them to the Rebellion.

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