Wendy Hartley, LMT, Certified Yoga Instructor, Simple Jane Ambassador

Wendy joins Simple Jane with over 20 years in the Spa and Fitness Industry. Her extensive background in health and wellness was a natural fit to weave Simple Jane products into the mix.
Wendy's background in multifunctional training combines different types of therapies and modalities to achieve optimal health.
She's been helping her yoga and massage therapy clients relax and recover faster with a combination of movement, massage, and CBD.

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Here How Simple Jane Helped Wendy's Recovery From Breast Cancer.

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5 Reasons You'll Love This Himalayan Salt

The first thing I felt compelled to do when the stone was in my hand was to gently place it on my temples to soothe a slight headache from too much screen-time and travel hassles.
My headache disappeared but the pain seemed to migrate down to my shoulder from dragging my overly packed bags all day.
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