The Power & Protection Crystal Necklace Collection

It's Time To Level Up Your Inner Power

Three years ago, we met the designer of the BSUBLIME Collection, Brooke Stanley at our first Simple Jane Soiree. It was a night we designed with new friends and old as we stepped into the new phase of our business. Brooke brought her collection of necklaces to sell at the private event, and we were in love at first sight.

Ever since, we have collected her jewelry line and worn our own necklaces nearly every day. They carried a magic within them, a sense of grounding, empowerment and the perfect balance of divine feminine and masculine.

It's our pleasure to announce our exclusive partnership with Simple Jane and the BSUBLIME collection as the exclusive retailer of Brooke's Power & Protection crystal necklace line.

Every month on the Full Moon, we will be releasing a limited selection of crystal necklaces from this collection to our email list subscribers. The necklaces will be charged under that Full Moon to reach their full, energetic potential. We will ship them to you the next day!

Each necklace is entirely unique and every crystal is hand-selected by the designer at crystal boutiques and shows around the country. The power and intention that goes into each peace is so beautiful, and carries with it the connection to the earth with each crystal.

Crystals act as a power source for healing as they allow positive energy to flow into the body and in exchange, release negative, toxic energy. Crystals work by channelizing your energy levels and focus on healing your body from the inside.

No matter your level of "belief" in crystal healing, you don't need to be a believer to enjoy the unique qualities of this line. Whether you believe it or not, it will keep doing its thing for you 😉

Simple Jane Crystal Necklace
Howlite Crystal Necklace

Crystals + Upcylced Bullets = Your Totally Unique Crystal Necklace

Each necklace that Brooke designs is completely unique. The pendents are bonded with upcycled bullet casing and a hand-selected crystal on a pendent necklace.

The bullets are sourced from an intelligence base in the Sierra Vistas mountains. We honor the power and protection that our armed forces offer as they hone their combat skills in practice. We are more honored to put those casings to good use after they have served their purposed.


BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace

When you purchase a necklace, included in your purchase is a signature Simple Jane heart-shaped Himalayan Salt Massage Stone.

Salt is cleansing on both a physical and energetic level. It's the reason we incorporate Himalayan Salt and unrefined mineral salt as a part of our Bath Soak products. You also can find the Himalayan Salt Stone prodcuts in our Mini Massage Kits.

We have found in 2020 more than ever, we are in desperate need of what we call "energy hygiene" here at Simple Jane HQ. Technology, social media and negative mindsets are creeping around everywhere these days, and can be "energy vampires" that leave you feeling fatigued and probably a little cranky and anxious. Keep your energy clear and open by meditating with your salt stone in your hand, taking a bath after work, giving yourself a Mini Massage and setting an intention when you wear your crystal necklace. 

Himalayan Salt is the perfect way to cleanse your aura in a bath or by using the Himalayan Salt Massage Stone as a massage tool along with your CBD products. While your crystal soaks works to balance your energy all day long, you can rest your necklace on your salt stone overnight to allow it to cleanse and rebalance the energy in your crystal. It's this clearing of energy that keeps your crystal working for your highest good.

Each release will be sent to our email list first before it's announced on social media, so make sure you're subscribed so you get first chance to purchase one the monthly drops!

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