The Last Days of Summer

We're soaking up the days of late summer! Keep the fun going for as long as possible with these end of summer must-do's

Sip a Spicy Mamacita Margarita

IIN Health Coach and owner of Thoughfully Thriving, Taryn Shank, whipped up a Spicy Mamacita Margarita using Zenergy CBD Sugar and we can definitely attest: it is the summer vibe you are looking for.

Zenergy CBD Sugar is a cult-favorite among Simple Jane fans, and we love seeing how you use it daily. When adding this raw organic cane sugar with CBD to a cocktail, the CBD works to help balance the effects of alcohol and sugar to create a more mindful way to consume alcohol.

Get Taryn's Recipe here!

Spicy CBD Margarita with Simple Jane Zenergy

Enjoy the Great Outdoors....minus the itchy bug bites

We've been loving the chance this summer more than ever to opt outside. But with the outdoors comes...the things that live and bite you outdoors!

Score the last of our Summer Nights bug-spray to keep the outdoor fun going late into the season. Our limited-release bug spray is super simple - as always - and made with essential oils that keep the bugs away, including therapeutic-grade citronella, geranium and lavender essential oils. The pure CBD works to balance the pH of your skin and reduce any inflammation from existing itches.

Pro tip: if you have been bitten before applying, spritz a little on the bite and "scratch" it with your Himalayan Salt Stone. The salt and CBD combo is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse and helps to soothe the bite.

Stay Stress-Free & Cool With A Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Dr. Robyn Wilhelm, aka THE MAMA DOC, is a Pelvic PT Therapist helping women strengthen their pelvic floor. We love her holistic approach to women's health! Dr. Robyn shows us a few simple ways to release tension you may be holding in your neck with a few simple, easy stretches that you can do at your desk with your Himalayan Salt Stone and On The Mend or Plain Jane CBD massage Oil.

Is it hot in here? How about a little Cool Breeze...

Summer got you hot & bothered? A little Cool Breeze might be the answer. If you're in the mood, treat your significant other to a sensual massage (impress them with your improved massage techniques here!) that may lead...elsewhere.

But don't let it stop there! Cool Breeze is our most potent and most versatile oil and can be used on your neck, shoulders and even your feet! Cooling peppermint and spearmint essential oils and CBD work to reduce any inflammation, soreness or aches with a gentle, tingly feeling all over.

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