What Do Stretching & CBD Have In Common?

You're Going To Love This Collab With StretchLab

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All Bodies

Customized flexibility experiences no matter your fitness level or age, StretchLab services will increase your range of motion and mobility for long term wellness. Combining stretching with quality CBD products work deeper into the fascia of your body to reduce soreness and increase bloodflow to muscles for faster bounce-back time.

- Skilled -

Trained Flexologists at the studios are certified specialists who are experts in the muscular system and work with everyone from professional athletes, weekend warriors, those recovering from an injury and clients of all ages and body types.

- Stretching -

 A combination of Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Dynamic & Static Stretches are designed to get you feeling your best. Deep fascial stretches in combination with Simple Jane products result in pain-free, deeply restorative mobility to get you back to your workout and active lifestyle faster and healthier, with no side effects.

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- Simple, Safe and Effective -
CBD For Athletes & Active Bodies

- Hemp Derived -

Not all CBD products are created equal. With so much CBD coming on to the market it's more essential than ever to ensure quality CBD in your products. On The Mend is made with broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. This means there is no THC to show on any drug tests. Your recovery is safe with us.

- Therapeutic Grade-
Essential Oils

All Simple Jane products are formulated with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each ingredient is thoughtfully crafted and includes an uplifting blend of peppermint and spearmint for cooling recovery, vetiver to stimulate circulation, lavender for relaxation and eucalyptus to encourage oxygen uptake.

- Unrefined Minerals -
Himalayan Salt Stone

 Our heart-shaped Himalayan Salt Massage stone is the "secret sauce" to muscle recovery. Combined with On The Mend products, self-massage with the salt stone works to replace trace minerals to skin, and act as a gentle exfoliant to allow the CBD to work deeper into skin and muscles for deep restorative repair and recovery.

- Featured Products -
On The Mend

Simple Jane Fit Pro Series

On The Mend is Simple Jane's leading wellness line of CBD topical products. This signature formula is designed to:

  • Reduce inflammation: recover post-workout by applying to sore areas to reduce recovery time and get back to your active lifestyle faster.
  • Ease Joint Pain: our featured CBD formula is crafted with high-quality CBD to target achey joints for better mobility.
  • Uplift Your Mindset: a subtle but uplifting blend of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, vetiver and eucalyptus work to awaken the senses with powerful aromatherapy to help you feel more centered and focused.

Assisted Stretching Will Increase Flexibility and Longterm Mobility. Add CBD For Deeper Recovery.