Let's Stay In Tonight, Scottsdale...


Win A Date Night Bundle Of Sexy Fun, Including:

Gift Box Full of CBD Arousal Oils from Simple Jane Pleasures valued at $125

(1) Life-long Virtual Subscription for to Beducated Tantric Massage Course valued at $363.00

$100 Gift Card for a dinner date to Fox Restaurant Concepts

Winner will be announced October 23rd!

Everything you need to discover pleasure in a whole new way

The Right Place

At-home date night is the place to be, all you have to do is set the mood! Make "let's stay in" a little bit sexier by cuddling up and learning something you can both benefit from - Tantric Massage is a lifelong skill, don't you think!?

The Right Things

Simple Jane's Arousal Oils are designed with all-natural ingredients to bring pleasure wherever it's placed. We invite you to stay in together, to come closer to pleasure and embrace feeling good in the moment. 

The Right Time

Dinner date where we don't need to put on pants?! Sold! Support your local Arizona restaurants by ordering in with a gift card redeemable at any of 11 concepts at over 50 locations from Fox Restaurant Concepts. Get adventurous and try something new, or opt for your favorite nibbles to enjoy together. 

StaySexyStaycay Simple Jane Pleasures
Fox Concepts Gift Card

"Sexy" is a state of mind. Take the time to relax and unwind & discover intimacy in a whole new way.

Anticipation is part of the fun! Kick off your #StaySexyStayCay with a sensual massage oil that will make you feel like a true Temptress.

Simple Jane STAY Sexy Sweeps

Explore our naughty little secret with CBD Arousal Oils...

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