Simple Jane Apres Ski Stretch Sessions

Après Ski Stretch Sessions With Simple Jane

The only thing better than fresh powder on the mountain is a warm CBD foot soak and stretch waiting for your when you finish.

Bath Soak at the Climate House

Start with a CBD Foot Soak:

A nice warm CBD foot soak after a day on the mountain is the perfect finish to the day.

Use a Resisted Stretching Technique

Quads, hamstrings, ankles and feet all need some extras attention after a day on the mountain :  

After a foot soak to relax the body and mind, continue with a resisted stretch technique to ease muscle tension and reduce sore muscles.

Apres SKki Kit

Find Spot Relief With Frosted and a Salt Stone Massage.

When things feels extra tight or sore, try using a little Frosted Peppermint oil to release the tension. Using a Simple Jane Signature Salt Stone can also provide relief by getting into the nooks and crannies to relieve tight spots while giving your skin the nutrients it needs for repair.

Get a Peppermint Pick Up

Peppermint oil is a natural vasodialator, providing increased circulation and oxygen flow to wherever it is applied. This CBD Peppermint oil works with your body's own endocannabinoid system to release muscle tension, reduce pain signaling and increase blood flow to the area.


* Frosted is POTENT! Make sure to use with a carrier oil such as Naked or On the Mend body oil.

Treat Your Lips to Cinnabomb

Winter chapped lips are the worst!  Cinnabomb is our most popular CBD lip balm filled with spicy cinnamon essential oil, orange and CBD to help keep your kisser in great shape.

Feel the Difference for Yourself!

Stretch Sessions are led by a Certified Stretch Specialist. Please contact us for more information on how to bring CBD Stretch Sessions to your spa or studio.

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