Feeling tense? It could be affecting more than just your shoulders.

How can a Himalayan Salt Stone affect your pelvic health?

The way we hold tension in our neck muscles can affect the tension we hold in our pelvic floor, according to Dr. Robyn Wilhelm, an Arizona based Physical Therapist and Women’s Health Coach.

As a Pelvic Floor Therapist, Dr. Robyn is your new pelvic floor bestie, especially for busy Moms experiencing pain, exhaustion or pelvic floor dysfunction. You know how we’ve basically accepted that women pee their pants after babies? Yeah, that’s changing, and does NOT have to be your normal! What we love most about Dr. Robyn’s approach is her humor, grace and super approachable real-person techniques that ALL OF US should be doing daily to maintain a strong pelvic floor as we age, whether that starts at 20 or 80!

In this video, Dr. Robyn shows us all the areas in our neck, shoulders, traps and chest that we can massage with a little help of some On The Mend CBD Massage Oil and a signature Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone.

If you consider yourself a high-stress (maybe a little Type A) personality, experience a lot of daily stress, or maybe find yourself breathing short, shallow breaths, this is for YOU!

Tensions in your neck and shoulders and even up to your jaw line influences the way you’re breathing all the way down to our diaphragm. That correlation can be related to the tension you hold in your pelvic floor. If you already know you’re hypertonic/hold tightness in your pelvic floor, this self-massage technique will relax you all over.

Dr Robyn uses a combination of our roll-on Plain Jane CBD, which is unscented CBD massage oil with organic coconut oil, as well as On The Mend with a signature Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone for these self-massage techniques.

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