How to Recover Faster from Colds & Flu Symptoms

A cold or flu might be unavoidable this season. Suffering with symptoms is not.

Recover Faster from Cold & Flu Symptoms:

The average adult encounters 2-3 colds per year.  Managing symptoms with Over-The-Counter medications can make you feel foggy and groggy. Here are a few ways to clear your head AND your mind with CBD.

Use CBD aromatherapy with Frosted mint essential oil to inhale peppermint to increase lung capacity and open nasal passageways. 

Combine On the Mend with a salt stone massage therapy to open tight chest muscles and increase oxygen. 

Take a soak or steam. Steam therapy with On the Mendand a bit of Frosted can be used in the shower or bath to clear the lungs, reduce inflammation, and relieve stuffy heads and chests.

Cold and flu relief

CBD Salt Soak & Steam 

Breathing in warm steam may help ease feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages. Adding a CBD and Mint inhalation can kill viruses and bacteria and further ease inflammation, allowing better blood and oxygen flow.

Breathe Deep: Peppermint CBD Aromatherapy

Simple and powerful, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils are used for their anti fungal and antioxidant properties : qualities that help fight infection and symptoms that affect the respiratory tract. We all know “Vick’s Vapor Rub”, right? That’s the “feel the burn” quality of menthol. But the therapeutic-grade essential oils in On The Mend are not designed to “burn” the same way that a heavy dose of peppermint typically does. It works synergistically with all the other essential oils to soothe and relax nasal passages. So go ahead, rub some On The Mend Oil between your palms and breathe deep. Whether it’s cold, flu, or seasonal allergies, we added just the right dose of peppermint to contribute its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and overall invigorating properties.

Relieve Body Aches with a CBD Massage

CBD Massage for Head, Neck and Chest: 


Fever and Body aches are undeniably one of the worst things about being sick.  The vetiver, lemongrass, and CBD in On the Mend are all designed to reduce fever and relieve body aches and pains. Start with On the Mend oil and apply generously throughout head, neck and chest, then massage in with a Himalayan salt stone massage. The trace minerals in the natural salt can also help relieve fever and recover faster.

The Best CBD Combo for Colds and Flu

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