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Hot Yoga. Himalayan Salt. On The Mend.

These are a few of our favorite things....and we found them all at Radi8 Hot Yoga studio in Scottsdale.

There are always a ton of options to choose from when it comes to getting a great workout. But choosing the right hot yoga studio can be tricky.

Too hot? Too dark? Weird smells? They're not all winners. That's why we're borderline obsessing over Radi8. They are everything we want in a studio to get our sweat on. Clean, modern and plenty of natural light are our key qualifiers and Radi8 Yoga has it in spades.

We knew we were destined to see Simple Jane in the studio when we walked in to see the Himalayan Salt Wall growing crystals in the corner. From the energetic good vibrations (hello etheric cleansing) to the practical (keeping that funky sweat smell at bay) it also goes perfectly with our signature Himalayan Salt Stone vibes.

Here are some of the benefits of Hot Yoga that we love to get down on:

Super Toxin Detox - the extra sweat helps get rid of any toxins hanging out for longer than they should. Bonus points that

Better Circulation: anyone who things that yoga is just about gentle stretching is in for a fun surprise. Heated Flow classes at Radi8 are a great low-impact cardiovascular exercise that will get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

A Stronger Immune System: heated exercise is for more than just the physical improvement (though the results are FAST and that's nice) but also helps to boost your immune system. Thanks to increase lymphatic drainage, hot yoga works to elevate the body's regenerative system to keep you healthy.

Radi8 Yoga carries On The Mend full size and travel size massage oil in the boutique, along with our Himalayan Salt Stone.

Wondering how to add these CBD products into your practice? We got you:

Before Yoga: apply oil to any tough spots (we keep a roller ball in our gym bag at all times to reach tough spots like shoulders and work around onto knees.

If you have a restless mind (hi, like all of us) then applying the rollerball in to the palms of your hands, rubbing together and cupping over your nose for a few deep breaths pre-class is perfect to set the tone with the aromatherapy in the oils. Lavender to calm, eucalyptus and peppermint to uplift and ready to get into your Flow Zone.

For Recovery: after The Big Sweat your body has done some serious work and could use a little replenishment. To offset any soreness (because trust us, it's coming) apply On The Mend massage oil to hamstrings, shoulders and any other spots you flexed and massage it in with your Himalayan Salt Stone to reduce next-day soreness. The Salt Stone will work as a gentle exfoliant and help the CBD in On The Mend get deeper into muscles to repair and reduce inflammation.

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