Smoky Quartz Crystal Necklace

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Smoky Quartz Crystal Necklace

Removes Negativity, Grounding, Transformation

Feel like you’ve been floating, uneasy, disconnected and disengaged? You might need a little grounding to bring your energy back to you. 

Feeling grounded is particularly necessary for empaths and other individuals who may have difficulty grounding themselves, so wearable energy like Smoky Quartz is a must-have accessory for a more peaceful day. This also aids in clearing the mind for meditation. 

Chakra Healing: 3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra

Release Date: 10/31/20

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This necklace is on a 35" silver chain with small links.

All BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace purchases are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of nature, each crystal may be perfectly imperfect, and may appear slightly different in color in the picture due to photography lighting.

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