Powerhouse Women Limited Edition Blend


We were honored to feature a Simple Jane Limited Edition product in collaboration with the amazing Powerhouse Women 2019 event, inspired by Lindsey Schwartz. We believe every Powerhouse Woman needs some tools in her toolbox to create, inspire,
lead and design her best life ever. Using a CBD product to inspire CALM, CONFIDENCE, PASSION and POWER was our vision to offer you the best tools to keep you movin’ & shakin’.
This product is exclusively available only until September 30th, 2019. Be sure to stock up for yourself, or gift one to another Powerhouse Woman you know could use a boost of self-care and inspiration.
Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, 25mg pure hemp-derived CBD oil, lavender, bergamot and orange therapeutic-grade essential oils. 


Here’s how we’re using the Powerhouse CBD Massage Oil to make us feel amazing, so we can keep creating amazing
  • Apply to your shoulders and neck for tension relief after carrying your POWERFUL presence through the day.
  • Massage on to your wrists to uplift your spirit with gentle aromatherapy and find the PASSIONATE awakening that inspires your purpose.


  • Rub into the palms of your hands and breathe in deep to inspire the CONFIDENCE you need before a big meeting.


  • Plug in your headphones for a 10-minute mediation & temple massage to wind down and find CALM after you’ve juggled all the things.


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