Plain Jane + Himalayan Salt Stone Combo


This combo is the secret to feeling great and reducing inflammation in your body for people with sensitive skin.

The Plain Jane CBD Roller was designed for our “scent-sensitive” friends who were looking for an introduction to CBD oil without the added essential oils. Simple as it sounds, Plain Jane is our proprietary blend of fractionated coconut oil and pure CBD to give you all the benefits of a topical CBD products without anything else.

The true benefit comes when used with our signature Himalayan Salt massage stone. The combination of CBD and Himalayan Salt is a powerful anti-inflammatory that you can use all over your body to reduce puffiness, aid in fascial stretching and soothe skin wherever it’s needed.

Directions: Apply Plain Jane oil for relief wherever needed. Use your Himalayan Salt stone to massage the area once covered with oil. If desired, use as a carrier oil for your own favorite essential oil.

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, 25mg pure CBD oil. Includes (1) heart shaped Himalayan Salt massage stone.


Ways To Use Your Plain Jane + Himalayan Salt Stone Combo:

  • Apply a generous layer of Plain Jane oil to face in the morning before cleansing. Use the Himalayan Salt Stone to massage is long motions similar to a Gua Sha facial technique. 

  • Apply Plain Jane to shoulders, knees or joints and use salt stone in gentle circular motion to massage in.

  • Got a bug bite? Use Plain Jane oil on the itchy spot and hold your salt stone to the bite for 60 seconds to relieve itching.

  • Massage Plain Jane with Himalayan Salt Stone to old or healing scar tissue to keep it flexible and promote long term healing.


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