Plain Jane | CBD Bath Soak | Combo


This CBD Bath soak is crafted with pure unrefined Himalayan Salt and Redmond salt from Utah, all cured in our pure CBD oil. Plain Jane is our perfect multipurpose unscented soak designed to relieve your body and skin from a wide range of ailments.

Nothing Fancy, Everything Powerful. From soaking sprained ankles to soothing sunburn and rashes everyone should have a bit of Plain Jane bath soak on hand. Whether you’ve got itchy skin woes from eczema or psoriasis this is the ideal natural alternative. If you’ve got summer skin woes from sunburns and bug bites, soak yourself in these inflammation-reducing salts to ease skin and tension. 

Ingredients: Himalayan sea salt, Redmond kosher salt, pure magnesium sulfate, organic coconut oil, 100mg pure CBD


Our unscented CBD oil Naked is perfect for daily use. Massage topically over body to maintain hydrated, healthy skin.

Naked is the ideal carrier oil for your essential oils of choice to create your own signature blend, simply add a few drops into your hand and blend with a spritz of Naked to receive the full benefits of this healing CBD Massage Oil. Spray generously into a warm bath with Plain Jane CBD Mineral Soak for a truly luxurious bath experience that will leave your skin silky smooth.

Our pure CBD in Naked is ideal for those with sensitive skin who are looking for the benefits of CBD to help relax your muscles and balance your skin’s pH.

Packaged in our 4oz glass bottle.

Ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, 100mg pure CBD oil


Ways You’ll Love Plain Jane Daily

  • When you twist your ankle hiking or wore heels all day and need to soak your feet pronto.

  • When your kiddo is super cranky and needs some extra help to soothe their little nervous systems… or soothing sunburn, skin irritations and rashes **If you're thinking…."Doesn’t that burn? Soaking in salt? Is it safe to put my baby’s butt in the water?" we hear you. But the calming CBD, organic coconut oil, Kosher salts and minerals are all natural ingredients designed to soothe, calm and nurture our bodies back to health.

  • Better than just Epsom Salts 🙌 Magnesium Sulfite is great to relax muscles but Himalayan and ancient sea salts work even better to replace other important trace minerals, tighten pores and reduce a variety of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and itchy skin conditions.


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