Opalite Crystal Necklace


Opalite Crystal Necklace

Spirituality, Transition, Clarity

This beauty is like a little shimmery sliver of joy. Opalite is ideal for anyone looking to bring joy to their meditation practice while wearing as it improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. Opalite reminds us to stay fun, cheery, and light-hearted. This stone is best known for its ability to bring peace and fun in its presence. 

TIP: Because of this stone’s ability to open up blockages in your meridians & chakras, do a little pendulum dowsing to guide yourself and tap into your inner being. 

Chakra Healing: Third Eye Chakra – opening up your intuition

This necklace comes with a signature Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone and arrives in a Little Black Box!

Release Date: 11/23/20

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This necklace is on a 26" Silver Ball Chain. 

All BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace purchases are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of nature, each crystal may be perfectly imperfect, and may appear slightly different in color in the picture due to photography lighting.

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