Laura’s Balm

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Laura’s Balm has been discontinued as we send love and light to our cousin Laura in her passing in Janauary 2020. Thank you to everyone who loved and enjoyed this product we much as we did. If you need a recommendation on another perfect product for your skin recovery, email us at hello(at)

Laura’s Balm is fresh, floral & friendly…just like our Cousin Laura! We created this signature balm to help Laura in her cancer recovery…it turned out that people were seeing such great results for skincare and recovery we added it to our Spa Collection so everyone can experience the healing benefits of this balm.

Laura’s Balm is available in a 2 oz. tin.

Ingredients: organic Shea cocoa butter, beeswax, coconut oil, 50 mg pure CBD oil, vitamin E, geranium, frankincense, lavender, lemon & lime essential oils

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How to use Laura’s Balm:

Soothe skin damage from irritations, rashes, burns or sun discoloration.

Relieve tension in shoulders, sore muscles, or tired feet

Apply to temples and back of neck for a gentle pick-me-up midday

Geranium essential oil is recognized for the restorative properties for women struggling with hormone related imbalances. Apply to tender pelvic regions to alleviate symptoms of PMS to skin tenderness.

Apply to knees or sore areas and massage with your Himalayan Salt Stone to massage away tension, aches and pains