Lapis Zazuli Crystal Necklace


Lapis Zazuli Crystal Necklace

Communication, Understanding, Empathy

The deep colored stone Lapis Zazuli helps us connect deeply with our senses that rule communication, understanding and expression. If you’re finding you’re having a hard time being understood or understanding others, you might need a little energetic unblocking in these areas. This particular crystal increases our communication skills, which allows us to connect with inspiration and imagination as a result. Lapis Zazuli acts as a cleanser, drawing and releasing tension and anxiety to enter a cooler more calm state of mind.

Astrology Signs the benefit from this stone: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Libra

Chakra Healing: Throat & Brow Chakra (ruling communication expression & learning)

In other woo-woo news….if you’ve ever been drawn to Atlantis, it has been said that Atlantans tapped into their crystal arraignments with lapis lazuli, among others like rubies, emeralds and amber. 

This necklace comes with a signature Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone and arrives in a Little Black Box!

Release Date: 12/29/20

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This necklace is on an adjustable brass link chain 26.5"

All BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace purchases are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of nature, each crystal may be perfectly imperfect, and may appear slightly different in color in the picture due to photography lighting.

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