Howlite Crystal Necklace

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Howlite Crystal Necklace

Communication, Awareness, Expression.

As we step into these next few weeks, we could all use a little positive encouragement. Howlite Crystal Necklace is the perfect stone to wear if you feel that you’re going to be experience turbulent external factors battling for your peace. Howlite gently influences all chakras and contributes to positive emotional expression. Howlite is also used to enhance creativity, calm and communication, to facilitate awareness and to encourage emotional expression. It also can assist in the elimination of pain, stress and rage.

Chakra Healing: 7th or Crown Chakra

Release Date: 10/31/20

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This necklace is on a 26" lightweight silver ball chain.

All BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace purchases are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of nature, each crystal may be perfectly imperfect, and may appear slightly different in color in the picture due to photography lighting.

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