Brewmance CBD Kit


Our buds over at the Brewmance love a good craft beer and so do we. But sometimes, we can get carried away with a few too many. Hey, we’re human after all!

That’s why we got together and crafted this kit for hangover recovery, so we can enjoy our favorite boozy beverages, and then get back to our day of crushing it.

Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Your Life Back Together:

Step 1: Wake up. Remember the last bev that put you over the edge. Ouch.

Step 2: Mix a scoop of recovery mode into a glass of water. Chug.

Step 3: Apply On The Mend balm to any achey bits (temples, back of neck, that weird bruise you don’t know how you got) and massage it in with the Himalayan Salt Stone. Ahhh….that’s getting better right?

Step 4: Crack open your ROC2 Cold Brew Coffee and enjoy straight from the can, or over ice. Sprinkle in a dash of recovery mode salt if you’re feeling fiesty (what? Europeans add salt to their coffee. It’s fetch.)

Step 5: Feel like a new (hu)man and get back to crushing life. Huzzah.

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Kit Includes:

(1) can of ROC2 Cold Brew Coffee

(1) On The Mend Travel Size Balm

(1) packet of Recovery Mode CBD Salt

(1) Himalayan Salt Massage Stone

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