Agate Moss Crystal Necklace


Agate Moss Crystal Necklace

Tranquility, Emotional Balance, Back To Nature

Agate Moss represents our sense of belonging in nature. It serves a dual purpose for the wearer to bring balance back to their being. For those who are feeling a little to “in their head,” it helps to access your intuition. For those who seem to be floating amongst the clouds, it helps channel their creative energy in practical ways. 

This stone is a gentle reminder to the spirit to settle down and become attuned to the world around you.

Chakra Healing: Heart (great for Virgos!)

This necklace comes with a signature Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone and arrives in a Little Black Box!

Release Date: 11/23/20

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This necklace is on an adjustable 25" Brass Link chain

All BSUBLIME Crystal Necklace purchases are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of nature, each crystal may be perfectly imperfect, and may appear slightly different in color in the picture due to photography lighting.

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