You are a Powerhouse Woman. Now it's time to chill like one.

Hey #bossbabe we bet you could use some relaxation after all your hustle.

Grab your Limited Edition Powerhouse Women 2020 CBD Roller made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and paired with our signature Himalayan Salt Stone filled with good vibes and made to help you wind down after you've been grinding.

Pure CBD to help you relax and relieve tension wherever you need

Smells like BIG WINS and GOOD VIBES (Bergamot, Orange & Lavender)

Heart-shaped Himalayan Salt Stone to ease aches and shoulder tension after your Zoom calls

Why is CBD Essential For Women?

Ingredients that work with our bodies

Did you know that we have an endocannabinoid system that regulates our mood, stress and pain response? CBD works with that system to balance and keep you feeling great. 

Natural products that work with you

With stress at an all-time high, CBD is a natural route to take for stress-relief that has no side-effects, no risks and will not leave you feeling groggy or uncomfortable later. Whether you're using an aromatherapy massage oil to awaken your senses, taking a CBD mineral bath before bed, CBD products are natural solutions to life's stresses.

Target period pain and cramps

Women's bodies are amazing. But sometimes, they hurt. Women have a concentration of CBD receptors in our pelvic region making it a perfect place to target for CBD massage oils, balms or bath soaks to relieve pain from your period.

But is it safe?

CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that when ingested you won’t feel any of the "high" you would with THC. Also, CBD oil typically contains very little THC  (0.3% or less- the legal amount) which isn’t enough to get you "high" even if you consumed the entire bottle of CBD. All Simple Jane products are topical (you apply them to your skin) so there is no chance that it will show up on drug tests. Our

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