Poplar CBD Wellness Brand Adds Simple Jane to Shop

We started Simple Jane 3 years ago as a women’s wellness brand that provided the tools to help women feel better, and remove the stigma of using cannabis.

Since then, we’ve grown and evolved from a women’s sensuality product. Now, beyond our Topical Aphrodisiacs , we also offer our at-home Spa line Blessed and overall wellness products On The Mend. Our biggest joy has been listening to our customer’s desires and creating the products that are helping them thrive.

When we launched our Salt Stone Combo, we knew that it was a game-changer. We have seen you carrying your salt stones around, using them at home, in the office, and in your travels and we knew…this was going to be something good.

CBD Wellness brand Poplar has welcomed Little Blessings and our signature Himalayan Salt Stone to their online store. These curated sets paired with some of the best CBD products on the market fill our hears with fun, joy, and healing. We hope that you find them as much fun as we do!

Be sure to head over to shop Poplar to pick up these combos as a gift for your loved ones, or (even better) to show yourself a little self-love. You deserve it.

Need to know more about CBD? That’s what we love about woman-owned brand Poplar. Take their CBD quiz to see what products you need to know about, and even get a sample!