New Stockist Alert! | Zatara Holistic Health & Healing

Massage, Himalayan Salt, and CBD...these are a few of our favorite things!

And now, you can find this holistic healing tri-fecta at the blissful Zatara Holistic Health & Healing Spa in Union, MI.

Much like every Stockist partner that we have on our list, the team at Zatara is divinely aligned with our mission, our values, and everything we love to support. Zatara is owned by mother-daughter team Elizabeth Cashier & Carissa Densmore. And you KNOW we love a mother-daughter duo at Simple Jane!

Elizabeth and Carissa went to massage therapy school together 15 years ago to fulfill their dream of working together to healing people. It all come together at Zatara, as they using natural products and techniques in this dreamy little corner of the world to bring bliss, relaxation, and deep full body healing to their clients in the Greater Michiana area.

Carissa's specialization in Deep Tissue, Himalayan and CBD massage sessions was the ticket for us. As the only CBD company on the market to combine Himalayan Salt and CBD massage, Simple Jane products are the perfect fit to bring to Zatara as they are only full service day spa in their region to offer this experience.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy - It's not (just) a luxury!

Massage therapy isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. It's this mentality that drives us here at Simple Jane, as we make products that work alongside talented massage therapists to support their work in helping you feel amazing in your body.

Massage therapy is a natural way to work with your body to:

  • Improve circulation for faster recovery
  • Boost your natural immunity
  • Release toxins
  • Relieve muscle pain, fatigue, tension, headaches and even fatigue!


Himlayan Salt + CBD = The Secret Sauce

Chronic inflammation is the cause of so many modern disease and illness. You could consider this an imbalance. Inflammation is actually a good thing when it's needed! It puts your body on high alert to fight illness, send in your fighter cells and attack and imbalance in your body. But what goes up, must come down. And in the case of inflammation, if it's not going down, it's a problem.

It's no accident that we combine the natural anti-inflammatory benefits of Himalayan Salt & CBD to support your body's path to recovery. On their own they are amazing natural tools. Together they are a powerhouse of holistic healing!

Combined in a massage therapy experience, Himalayan Salt & CBD massage oil work to:

  • Eliminate and move built-up toxins through your body
  • Reduce inflammation & restore pH balance in your skin
  • Relieve skin sensitivities from Eczema & Psoriasis
  • Boost your body's natural immune response

Find CBD At Zatara Holistic Health & Healing

Zatara Holistic Health & Healing

15756 US Hwy 12, Union, MI 49130

Call or Text (269)240-4754

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