CBD for Better Brains

Hi! My name is Mallory Fox;

I’m a doctor of health science, a human movement specialist, a recovering perfectionist, and a survivor of traumatic brain injury.

One year ago my brain injury uprooted my life. Overnight, I became unable to take care of myself without help. I went from being a high achiever doing everything on my own to needing help with everything. The worst part was not being in control of my body, my thoughts, or my SELF. I struggled, really hard, with the daily pain, frustration, grief, anger, sadness, and hopelessness of simply surviving the day to day of my recovery. In addition to chronic pain, vision issues, disorientation, chronic migraines, issues with memory, attention, balance, and sleep, I wasn’t able to drive, work the career I loved, workout, or even socialize. I was suddenly anxious, depressed, and in denial of my PTSD diagnosis. I was a strong person, and had never asked others for help. When I needed to accept daily assistance, I felt lost. I knew I had to change if I wanted to survive the experience.

Mallory Fox

" Brain injury recovery requires a lot of me. I had extensive injuries that changed my life overnight. In order to heal, I had to change almost every aspect of who I was. The most important change has been a long yet rewarding journey: I had to relearn how to take care of myself."

- Mallory Fox

Reiki CBD Kit
I found Simple Jane on one of my many quests for the magic answer to fixing my problems. A friend was using the Pure CBD Bath Soak with Rose Quartz Crystals and I was intrigued.
Many, many people had suggested I use CBD but I hesitated because
1) I’m very stubborn and
2) I worry about the quality and efficacy of CBD.
It seems like it’s available on every corner, so I wanted to make sure I tried a quality product I could trust. Like a good researcher, I found that Simple Jane was triple-tested, without THC, and that the ingredients were high quality. Also, they were aesthetically pleasing!

I received a kit with a Himalayan salt massage stone (shaped like a heart), On the Mend massage oil, and the rose quartz bath salts. I also received a card with instructions and a mindfulness practice. I was hooked from the moment I opened the box: following my brain injury, I struggled with connecting with my self. As a scientist, I knew that I needed to help my body/brain go from “fight or flight” to “healing” mode. Despite my knowledge, tools, and professional assistance, I struggled to do that consistently. Simple Jane filled a big hole in my self-care routine. The soothing scents, along with the high-quality CBD oil, and the act of connecting with my body again helped me to make great strides in my recovery. I’m happy to share that Simple Jane is an integral part of my nighttime routine!


I’m so grateful to Simple Jane for connecting with me and allowing me the opportunity to share my story. There are SO MANY PEOPLE who live with chronic pain, discomfort, and disease. I see you, and I want you to know there is hope. The answer for me was Simple: taking care of my body and creating a ritual that instantly helped me to feel better is worth its weight in gold. Simple acts like these have made huge differences on my recovery journey. I hope my experience gives you HOPE!

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Here Are Some Of My Favorite Simple Jane Products For Pre + Post Workout Recovery

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