Have I told you how Laura’s Balm got it’s name? 

Laura is our cousin dealing with a second round of breast cancer. Our moms are sisters so we grew up sharing a lot of family memories together…. camping, playing games etc. We spent a lot of time together growing up and she was one of my mom’s favorite people.

Like a lot of breast cancer patients, Laura had radiation and lymph node removal that caused a bad case of swelling in her arm. It’s called Lymphedema and many people with breast cancer end up dealing with it on a long term basis. Being far away from the family after my mom passed away, I felt an extra sense of urgency to provide Laura with some relief so I worked relentlessly on it for a few weeks. It was imperative to have the right combination of ingredients to help facilitate healthy lymph removal and immune support. Whenever someone would call or text and ask “What are you doing?” my only reply for a few weeks was “working on Laura’s Balm.”

So, when it came time to name the product, the only name that seemed fitting was “Laura’s Balm.” 

But Laura’s Balm isn’t just for cancer patients. In fact, it’s been so beneficial for people dealing with any kind of skin condition that the Align Spa in Park City, Utah recently created a whole new body wrap treatment using Laura’s Balm and Little Blessings.  

After being cocooned in warm herbal wraps using the Balm you will be soothed and massaged with Little Blessings for a full CBD relaxation experience unlike anything on the market.  The combination of frankincense, geranium, lavender, and other essential oils make this one of the best treatments for deep healing and scar tissue repair. It’s also an ideal treatment for post surgery massage, circulation issues and deep relaxation. 

Get Laura’s Balm for your friend Laura. Get it for your Mom. Give it as a gift to yourself. However you share it, know that it’s been intentionally made with love, compassion, and healing benefits like a hug that I’d give to my closest friends and family. 

In health & happiness,