Your Guide To Finding The Perfect CBD Gift For Everyone On Your List

Our CBD Gift Sets are the perfect gift for any occasion - from Mother's Day to Christmas to just-because. In an increasingly stressful world, we wanted to create products that are designed for relaxation, with high quality ingredients that helped people with acute pain, relaxing their bodies to get good sleep, and ultimately give our clients a product that they could confidently add into their daily routine.

Simple Jane products are formulated to be used daily, with effects that impact your overall well being, not just for the "now" but for the long term. So if you close your eyes and can think of at least one person who could use a little relief in their life, it's time to get shopping!

Gifts for Fitness Buffs

Six a.m. fitness classes and running conference calls from the road. Keep the Go-Getter in your life feeling fit and ready to roll with a bottle of On The Mend CBD Massage oil. This light oil blend is perfect for massaging sore muscles post-workout, applying to your chest when you're feeling a cold catching up to you, or applying to tired shoulders after all that hustle.

Also comes in convenient Travel Size Roller Ball too! 

Made with our signature formula from beeswax, eucalyptus, lavender, vetiver, peppermint and spearmint and lemongrass, CBD based oil, the On The Mend balm is extremely soothing when applied on sore muscles.

Our signature balm formula is made a light and bright essential oil formula with hemp-derived CBD, organic coconut oil and a soothing proprietary blend of 6 essential oils designed to soothe, relax and repair your muscles and body all over.

Gifts for moms and grandmas

For Someone Who Deserves Some "Me" Time

Take care of the caretakers in your life. The mommas and besties and aunties and all the ones who are giving their all...let's keep their cups full of the Little Blessings that they dose out all year.

There is nothing more relaxing than a bath - add CBD and you've got a recipe for a deeply restorative experience with some of earth's most beneficial compounds. Our signature bath salts are formulated with Himalayan Salt and Epsom salt and is great for mineral replenishment and full body recovery.

Bath salts made with are a great way to relieve sore muscles and joints, making this the perfect solution for your post-workout aches.

For Your Lover

Hey you sexy little thing, come on over here. Temptress is one of the OG Simple Jane products and by far our best-seller. This warming sensual massage oil is perfect for reducing stress around the holidays with a little (more-than) cuddle time. Maybe you'll want to give this one early...or plan on ringing in the New Year under the sheets *wink wink*

Want to know more about Topical Aphrodisiacs? Read all about it here.

Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac Massage Oil - $45
Cinnabomb CBD Lip Balm - $15

For Stocking Stuffers

We've heard "I've been saving my Cinnabomb from last year, when is it coming back?!" more times than we can count.

This sexy bombshell of a lip balm is BACK but only for a little while. Keep those lips tingly and kissable all winter long with this cinnamon CBD lip balm. Perfectly adorable, grab as many as you can for the perfect stocking stuffer!

Well Heeled + Cinnabomb Set - $55

Special & Limited Release Gifts

For Your High Vibe Yogi Bestie

She juices her own celery juice, charges her crystals under the full moon and honestly, who is to argue with her that leggings are pants. This high-vibing bestie has all the tools and gear to live her best life but this combo is going to be totally new and will help bring her practice to the next level.

BUTI Yoga, developed by the super badass babe Bizzie Gold is yoga on another level, designed to free your spirit, heal your mind and body and get a killer workout in the process. We developed this custom kit with BUTI designed to help nourish and restore your body after an intro the the BUTI workout.

The BUTI Bliss Kit x Simple Jane is exclusively available on and perfect to pair with a digital workout for something truly special and unique.

For BossBabes On Their Feet ALL Day

Whether it's your little sister or your soul sister, you know one who loves cute shoes. But by the end of the night if she's begging you to carry her because her heels are digging in, THIS is the perfect gift! We made Well Heeled with a super cooling minty scent and soothing balm formula perfect to keep her dancing feet in perfect shape! Well Heeled is a limited edition seasonal product so stock up while it's here for Winter 2019!

Well Heeled Foot Balm - $45

Thoughtful 'Get Well' Gifts

All of our products are a great match for people going through chemotherapy or radiation. This also works well for patients with any condition including fibromyalgia or an acute condition. A little bit of extra wellness and self-care can mean the world to someone. Any CBD product is amazing gift for any person diagnosed with cancer or chronic illness - because Simple Jane products are made with the highest quality ingredients, it makes it so much more heartfelt to give knowing that there are no toxic ingredients, and all our products are completely safe and well-tested.

A Mini Massage Kit contains travel size balm and massage oil that makes it easy for your loved one to take with them into treatments - and also includes our signature heart-shaped Himalayan Salt Stone - a reminder of how much you love them!

Sacred Grounds body scrub is a perfect way to provide a dreamy escape, if only just to the shower. A truly indulgent body polish, the cacao and CBD provide incredible skin benefits - and smells like the most delicious Spa treatment, all easy experienced at home. 

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