3 Dates for Couples to Celebrate Their Love

Valentines Date in Heber Valley

Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

Flowers and fancy dinners aren't the only ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Yes, for some, enjoying a nice dinner out without the kids and remembering why you love each other is a great refresh for your relationship. But there's more than one way to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day and beyond.
In our original post on the perfect Nordic Spa Date, we laid out the agenda for a great day starting with breakfast at an award-winning B&B and ending with a couples massage at a Wellness Sanctuary. Here's how to recreate it anywhere you'd like with the help of a few things.

Fuel Up Before You Head Out: Find a local spot for breakfast or pack a picnic for your day outdoors.  Splurge on a key few items and make the day feel special with little treats like nuts and fruit with Moksha Chocolates planned throughout the day.
Get Outdoors: Plan a hike, bike, or outdoor adventure you both can enjoy. Don't overdo it and try to plan something light and fun.
Finish with a Massage & TLC:  If going to a Day Spa to enjoy a couples massage isn't an option for you, then plan a mini Spa Day right in the comfort of your home.
Plan ahead for this part and have these items handy. You won't find them at your local CBD store and this makes all the difference.
Couple Massage Room

Get the Goods for a Spa Day at Home

We used to say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but on our last Vegas trip, we realized, "What happens in Vegas can impact your sex life for better or for worse" , so choosing the right experience is of utmost importance.
So if you're looking to explore your deepest sexual fantasy or maybe just try something new, here are our best suggestions for planning a night in Vegas right at home.
Get the conversation started: The Naughty Nice cards were designed to heat things up and to get to know the likes and wants of your partner. Slip your partner a few throughout the day to tease the night ahead.
CBD Arousal Oil Product Photos
Set the Stage: You'll want to make plans for the kids to be out of the house for the evening. Setting the stage for a Vegas night in can be so much fun. If strip poker isn't your thing, try a game of Naked scrabble where you can only use words that turn you on or a dice game and make up your own sexy rules.

Get the Goods for a Vegas Night In

For some wine lovers, there's nothing more romantic than sipping & exploring some of the world's greatest vineyards.  But if you can't make it to Napa, here's how you can create a little Napa romance right at home.

Create your own tasting: Round up a few bottles from the vineyards that you would normally visit and pair them with some snacks or create a blindfold tasting plate with some chocolate and some wine.

Get the Goods for a Napa Night In

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