The Power & Protection Collection

A Curated Crystal Necklace Collection For Intuitive Living.

New Crystal Necklace collections are released once a month on the New Moon. The first drop goes out to the Simple Jane email list, so be sure you're subscribed to get first access to new releases.

Newly Released

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January Wolf Moon 2021

This new phase is here to teach you how to persevere toward your goals with focus and structure. This gives us the opportunity to think outside the box, especially when it comes to professional matters. This new moon will bring tremendous change, and with the right mindset, anything is possible!  More importantly, this is the first new moon of the year, which means its celestial fertility will come to life both during this particular lunar cycle and all throughout 2021.

  Mentally choose one of the 3 cards to see what the Universe is waiting to tell you. 

Intuitive Card Reading by Heather Wilson
Divine Matrix Intuitive Card
Simple Jane Power and Protection (3)
Simple Jane Power and Protection (4)
Card #1 Divine Matrix
Imagine that everything possible under the sun is waiting to be claimed. You are not separate from what you desire to manifest. Everything is connected within the web of life – a Divine Matrix. Be courageous and dream of the future in life you have always wanted. Isn’t it amazing to know you have such power within you, just by being alive!
Card #2  Sacred Reverence 
If you can allow yourself to take in all of the world, including its spirit, then you see the whole. Now is the time of deep witnessing, respect, and awe.  You experience it when you perceive everything and everything end every plant, Rock, and Tree – sacred and alive. So right now whatever your dilemma or question is, reframe your perspective to acknowledge the spiritual. No matter what or who is in front of you, see that person or thing as a luminous and your interaction and spiritual. Then you will know what to do for the highest good of all.
Card #3. Seeing Beyond 
We are all gifted with the magical ability of imagination and when we are open to it we become a conduit for the divine vision greater than our own. Allow your imagination to see beyond what something “is” right now and move into a place that doesn’t yet exist in the material world. If you use your imagination faithfully and consciously, without fear and drama, you can connect to any reality you truly want to experience!

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In case you missed it...Here's what Conscious Mermaid had to say about December's Cold Moon:

December is the final chapter of this extremely transformative year. The first half of December was a time for completion, during which we were encouraged to keep releasing the past. On the contrary, the second half of it is about letting the future in by aligning with new dreams, new visions, and new sources of motivation. 

The full moon in December is all about how our home life, and career combine. It asks us to be present with our feelings and take care of ourselves and our loved ones (it is all about finding balance). It is good for breathing life into your relationships, and resolving problems with a partner or family members.  This is a good chance to start the next year feeling confident and balanced. Use the energy between now and the new moon to set new goals and act on your plans with confidence.  Do not be afraid to try new things in the next year!  

December Cold Moon Crystal Pendants

Simple Jane CBD (1)

Each necklace is stored on a Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone to Cleanse and Recharge the Energy Every Day.

The Power & Protection Collection

A Curated Crystal Necklace Collection For High Vibe Living.

Each Power & Protection necklace arrives with a Simple Jane Himalayan Salt Stone in a Little Black Box, making a beautiful presentation for a gift or a perfect self-care treat!

Currently Available...

When we very first started Simple Jane, we would celebrate our 'wins' with a special necklace from BSublime. We were oddly drawn to the bullet cased, crystal jewelry our friend Brooke was making. It was like putting on a bit of magic every time we put it on. Like a constant reminder of our success so far. A token of appreciation to ourselves. As time went on, we were drawn to the different crystals and their subtle energy.

They become a signature piece for us.

We are honored to now be the exclusive retailer of the Power & Protection Collection, designed by BSublime. Every month on the New Moon we will be releasing a limited number of necklaces to you with a special message from Intuitive Medium, Heather Wilson, the Conscious Mermaid.


About The Designer

Brooke Stanley is the designer of the intentional pieces and brings a bit of magic into every piece. Each crystal is hand-selected and bonded with an upcycled bullet casing on a chain necklace. The result is a piece of the most powerful connection of Power & Protection to help you feel grounded, inspired and empowered every time you wear it.

  • Unique one-of-a-kind design - Every piece is unlike the other.
  • Limited availability - Once it's sold, it's gone to its forever home.
  • High-vibe & intentional - Every crystal is hand-sourced by the designer and brings its own purpose to the wearer.
  • Product drops will happen every Full Moon. The crystals will charge under the full moon that month and ship to you the next day!

We feel so blessed to be able to share these incredible pieces of jewelry with you. They are iconic, eye-catching and match every piece of our mission at Simple Jane : to empower you to feel amazing in your body every time you wear them.

Previously Released...

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