Our CBD & Yoga classes are creating a *buzz* in the best kind of way.

Our recent sponsorship with Phoenix Fitness Guide has opened our eyes to the variety of ways athletes can use CBD to enhance their workouts and recover in a faster, healthier way. 

A good yoga practice has been known to increase strength & flexibility while reducing cortisol ( the primary stress hormone ) levels and adding a quality CBD product into the mix can truly take your practice to new levels. 





CBD for Yoga

Here are 3 Reasons We Love to Combine Yoga & Simple Jane CBD:

CBD Yoga class at TruFusion

Awaken Your Senses

Creating a quick pre-class ritual with On the Mend awakens the senses and gets your body ready to work.

We have the most CBD receptors in our brain and in our gut so a little aromatherapy with CBD can work wonders to revive mental clarity.

CBD, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass & Vetiver Essential oils all mix together for an uplifting, pain relieving, stress-busting blend of oils to awaken the senses before you hit the mat.

Keep Your Cool

CBD works to keep body temperature in balance but vetiver and lemongrass essential oils also work together to cool the body during very high temperatures. The oils also soothe feelings of anxiety and nervousness and are antimicrobial and antibacterial keeping nasty mat germs at bay.

womann breathing with CBD for anxiety
sivasana pose with cbd

Reclaim Your Strength

Whether you’re stuck in a summer heatwave or a Buti yoga sweat sesh, sometimes expending too much energy can leave you feeling depleted.

On the Mend is full of all the A, B’s and C’s of important vitamins and essential trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium & zinc.

Good for your body. Good for your mind.


Ready to Bring a CBD Yoga Class to Your Studio?

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