As If Maui We're Relaxing Enough....

Now you can find CBD Massage Therapy to relax the Body, Mind & Spirit.

* Training With Aloha on Maui *
Claudia Micco Training With Aloha
Claudia Micco, Fitness Expert, LMT, & Simple Jane Ambassador
Claudia joins Simple Jane with over 30 years in the Spa and Fitness Industry. She is a leading expert, traveling extensively through Europe, Australia and the US, training fitness instructors in Yoga, Mind/Body Fitness, Holistic Health and Active Aging. Claudia's background is deeply rooted in combining different therapies and modalities to achieve optimal health.
She's been helping her massage therapy clients and yoga students perform better and recover faster with a combination of movement, massage, and CBD.
Here are a few of her favorite Simple Jane products:


*All products are shipped from our mainland location.

Claudia blends Simple Jane CBD products into Yoga, Energy Work & Lomi Lomi Massage.

Would you like a CBD Massage on Maui?

 Email [email protected] for pricing and availability. 

Claudia is available for massage and training throughout different locations on Maui. Please contact us for more information on scheduling an appointment.

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It all started when I took this salt stone with me on vacation.

It was a last minute impulse grab on the way out the door but it saved me  on several occasions: from headaches to hangovers, this little chunk of Himalayan salt was working wonders with our CBD topical massage products.  I came back to the mainland and started to discover 'WHY' this was working so well and then, there was no turning back.


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