CBD Gifts for Moms of All Ages

Mother’s Day is coming, and we bet you’ve already maxed out your cute mug/flowers/breakfast-in-bed gifting quota for pretty much the rest of your life. This year, give a Momma in your life the gift of wellness and treat her to something she might have never picked out herself.

Here is a guide to gifting for Mothers in any stage of life:

Young/New Moms – Blessed Massage and Bath Oil + Plain Jane Bath Soak

Being a new Mom is rewarding, challenging, and can sometimes leave young mothers in a heap of exhaustion. Don’t let a new Mom in your life forget about taking care of herself first.

Simple Jane’s Spa massage oil, Blessed, was made with all the ingredients of pure joy and maternal love. The lavender essential oil and rosebuds help to relieve stress, anxiety and busy minds. This spa-quality massage oil was designed to be enjoyed at home. It’s perfect for a tired new momma to rub on her temples at nap-time, or massage on to her upper body to wind down after a busy day. This gentle CBD massage oil is perfect for mom’s looking for natural solutions. CBD for migraines, CBD for stress relief, and CBD for anxiety are all solutions that new Moms are looking for. The gift of relaxation? Priceless.

Add the Plain Jane Bath Soak to plus-up her set as an essential to have on hand, not just for Mom but for little ones as well. Made with Himalayan Salt, unscented Epsom Salts and pure CBD oil, this bath soak is a secret trick for mothers of young children. From easing sunburns, bug bites, eczema and itchy skin, the high quality of ingredients in this soak are safe for both Mom and kids…whoever needs it the most! Skip the synthetic bath bombs made with drying ingredients and inorganic coloring chemicals trade it for mineral-rich unrefined salt to make a powerful, healing impact.

Active Moms – On The Mend Travel Size Rollerball

On The Mend Travel Size – $25

Playdates and soccer practice and a full-time job…AND she makes sure to get a workout in 3 times a week? We all know a Super Mom and her active lifestyle and balance self-care are what’s keeping her sane and healthy.

Treat the active Momma in your life to our On The Mend Travel Size CBD Oil in our rollerball. She can easily throw this in her gym bag as she runs to yoga class or to pick up the car pool from dance class.

The uplifting scent of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils designed to soothe tired muscles and lift moods. This CBD balm is perfect for relaxing tired muscles after a tough workout, or even great to help heal scratches bumps and bruises on her little ones.

Empty Nest Momma – Little Box of Blessings

Little Box of Blessings – $65

Just because the kids are gone, doesn’t mean you stop being a Mom. It does mean that maybe you finally have the chance to do relaxing “adult time” things like take a bath (alone!) and indulge in some meditation (or a glass of wine).

That’s exactly what Little Box of Blessings is made for. CBD topical salves like our Laura’s Balm and CBD massage oils like Little Blessings are the perfect ways to make an empty-nest Momma feel the love. Included in each kit is a Himalayan Salt Massage Stone perfect for those moments of indulging in self-care.

Did you know that pure Himalayan Salt, when used as a massage stone, is a gentle exfoliant for skin, improves tone and texture, and allows CBD massage oil products to work at a deeper level? When used in combination with the Little Blessings CBD Massage and Bath Oil or Laura’s Balm, the stone can be used for a gentle facial massage or lymphatic drainage massage to reduce puffiness, tone and condition skin and restore trace minerals to your skin as well. CBD for arthritis pain is also a great way to introduce your mother to the ways that CBD can make her feel great.

Simple Jane products are made with hemp-derived CBD and are available to ship in all 50 States. We’ll even include a handwritten note if you’re sending a gift!

Cheers to the all the Moms out there, who have made us stronger every day.