CBD For Sexy Skin Is In

Wondering what CBD can do for your skincare routine? Warmer weather is upon us, and that means it’s time to start showing a little more skin! After a long winter hybernation, it’s time to slather yourself with skin-restoring CBD products to rehydrate, restore and replenish depleted skin as we welcome the new season.

You’ve heard the hype…it seems like CBD is good for practically everything, from stomach woes to headaches to better sleep; is there anything CBD can’t fix?

While it’s not a true “cure-all” it is true that CBD products work with your body to bring it back into balance, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress. Stressed out skin is a part of that!

A recent article in Marie Claire calls it out for us: what is CBD really doing for your skin when you’re using it topically anyway? The article quotes Alex Capano, chief science officer for Ananda Hemp, a Kentucky-based health and wellness brand specializing in CBD products.

“We know that mood, especially stress, can influence skin irritation—so [taking CBD orally or topically] is kind of a one-two punch.”

“It also helps cell turnover, which can improve acne prone skin and brighten your complexion. Plus, because of its potent inflammatory properties, CBD can even lessen overactive sebum production and breakouts, and can reduce the frequency and severity of eczema and psoriasis flares.”

Pure CBD is one of the most nutrient-dense compounds for improving skin tone and texture, while facilitating faster recovery and skin-damage repair. Common irritants like razor burn, bug bites and general bumps and bruises heal faster with CBD when used topically.

Plain Jane, our signature unscented CBD Bath Soak is crafted with rich Himalayan salt minerals an pure CBD oil to reduce inflammation. Whether it’s your first sunburn of the season, or long term skin issues like psoriasis or eczema, a tub soak full of Plain Jane will lock in fast relief for soft, smooth skin long-term.

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