We #StayAtHome & They Stay At Work To Save Lives.

CBD For Healthcare Heroes

Our Healthcare Heroes are truly the lifeblood of our world right now. We can't even begin to express our gratitude for everything they are doing. Through April 15th, be a part of something bigger. When you purchase a bottle of On The Mend CBD Oil, we are sending 1 CBD Care Kit to a Healthcare Hero in need of some relief. Stay Healthy, Stay Home, Stay On The Mend.

"I don't know what I'd do without Simple Jane roll-ons, soaks and salves. Incredibly effective for pain, stress, anxiety and all-around icky feelings, made by a woman owned/operated independent business." - Alex K

Here's How On The Mend Is Helping All Of Us Breathe A Little Easier

It just so happens, our signature On The Mend CBD Oil was made for times like these. With 6 intentionally-chosen essential oils, we designed On The Mend during cold and flu season to ease body aches, open up airways, and soothe tension all over.

Most importantly, our products are made with pure, hemp-derived CBD that is third-party tested for quality and contains NO THC so you can experience the relief of CBD without the fear of cannabis.

Experience the simplest expression of CBD with our premium ingredients.

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil // Broad-Spectrum, Third-Party Tested CBD // Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils including Lemongrass, Peppermint, Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Vetiver // Nothing more. Nothing less than you need to feel better in your body.

You Buy A Bottle. We'll Send The Gift.

As so many of us commit to #StayAtHome we are all feeling the pressure, overwhelm and uncertainty around our circumstances due to the pandemic. But for those out in the field and the front-lines fighting a war for our health, there is very little relief as so many lives are counting on them.

That's why we've put together this CBD Relief Kit for our healthcare workers that includes an On The Mend Travel Oil, On The Mend Balm, and a washable face mask. All you need to do is simply purchase a bottle (or, a few bottles!) of On The Mend for yourself, and we'll send a this Care Kit to a healthcare partner hard at work.



We designed On The Mend with 6 Core Essential Oils, all intentionally chosen to ease airways, soothe body tension, relieve muscles and cue the brain to relax. Apply On The Mend Oil to the palms of your (Clean! Washed!) hands, rub together, and cup over your nose and mouth to breathe deep. 


Our On The Mend contains pure, hemp-derived CBD that works with your body to relieve inflammation, reduce tension and work with your fascia to recondition soreness or injury. For us at home, it's screen-time aches and pains. For those at work, it's long hours on their feet that they'll need relief.


When you're purchasing a bottle of On The Mend, you are committing to protecting your skin barrier, relaxing your nervous system and getting proactive with your health. You're also allowing us to help a healthcare worker do the same with this gift. 1 Bottle gives back 1 CBD Care Kit and that matters.

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