Sweat With Intention. Recover With Bliss.

Warm Up, Cool Down & Recover Faster With the BUTI CBD Bliss Kit.

Butisattva's Are Using Simple Jane CBD :

As a pre-warm to Buti class for better oxygen flow & increased stamina,

CBD is not just for recovery! Get your body ready to flow by applying On The Mend Oil to chest, hamstrings, and achey joints to warm up and bring bloodflow to areas. By the time you hit the mat, you'll be ready shake your asana in no time.

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For a post-workout salt stone massage for faster muscle recovery

Himalayan Salt & CBD is a signature Simple Jane combo that elevates your experience with CBD at a deeper level. Check out this video to see how to use your Himalayan Salt Stone for self-massage.

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For deep relaxation with pure salt soak to restore trace minerals.

Soak in unrefined minerals and pure CBD to relax muscles after a tough BANDS class or after an infrared sauna session to ease detox symptoms and relax your body into restful bliss.

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B MVMNT Buti Yoga Buti Bliss Kit
Raw Renewal Yoga Buti Yoga Buti Bliss KIt

You Do The Work. We'll Help You Recover, Restore & Nourish Your Body

Here's What You Get In A Buti Bliss Kit

Plain Jane Soak

This 2 oz CBD Salt Soak is crafted with pure unrefined Himalayan Salt and Redmond salt from Utah, all cured in pure CBD oil. Plain Jane is our perfect multipurpose unscented soak designed to relieve your body and skin from a wide range of ailments from itchy skin woes from eczema or psoriasis to overall body aches and muscle pain. Soak it all in with these inflammation-reducing salts to ease skin and tension.

Plain Jane CBD Bath Soak Mini 2 oz
On The Mend Travel Size Athletic CBD Massage OIl

On The Mend Roller Ball

A perfect introduction to the Simple Jane signature On The Mend formula in a convenient travel sized roller ball. This CBD Massage Oil is designed with therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to uplift your mind and body. While most people think of CBD as a wind down and recovery product, On The Mend massage oil is actually the perfect pre-workout essential. Apply to chest and breathe deep before cardio. Massage into tense spots like shoulders or neck to stay pain-free as you chaturanga your way through class.

On The Mend Travel Balm

After you've gone DEEP you need something to seriously restore those muscles. Our On The Mend Balm formula is smooth and creamy and soaks in to your skin with organic coconut oil, beeswax and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Use your Himalayan Salt Stone to massage this balm into joints and achey spots for deep recovery that will get you back to your mat faster and feeling better every step of the way.

If you can't get enough, be sure to check out the On The Mend Push Balm with more CBD and eco-friendly packaging.

On The Mend CBD Pain Balm Travel Size
Himalayan Salt Massage Stone

Himalayan Salt Massage Stone

This is the Simple Jane "secret sauce" to topical CBD products. Our signature heart-shaped Himalayan Salt Stone is your massage tool that can be used with either the Oil or Balm. The combination of salt and CBD when applied in massage works to recondition your fascia and helps the CBD work deeper into your muscles. Great when kept cold, do a little self-massage post-workout for the best recovery ever.

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