On The Mend CBD Oil with essential oils

On The Mend was created during cold and flu season as a way to quickly recover from stuffy head, neck and chest congestion. The essential oils were specifically chosen to work synergistically together; combined with our broad-spectrum CBD, this topical massage oil is made to soothe, uplift and keep you in the flow

While we have no “medical research” on the relationship of these oils when they are combined with CBD oil, we know for ourselves and the incredible feedback from others, this combination truly works wonders to soothe coughing, stuffy nose & congestion while greatly reducing anxiety and stress levels. 

Why are essential oils so...essential? Think about this: have you ever smelled something that “takes you back” to a memory? Your olfactory bulb (that’s everything that has to do with smell) has limbic inputs in the amygdala and hippocampus that are associated with emotion and memory. If that’s the case, then by creating a relaxation ritual with a signature scent profile can aid in situation anxiety when used to self-soothe. That’s why inhaled essential oils interact with your body in such a powerful way. 

It also goes deeper than that. When we say “limbic inputs” it refers to your limbic system in your brain. If you take us back to science class, you’ll recall that’s the part of your brain that controls the important stuff that impacts your daily life: your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance. Just like a smell can trigger a memory, smell can also signal your brain to associate emotions! When you use On The Mend to relax, relieve and soothe, you develop a smell signal to your brain so that every time you use it, your brain will recognize that you are safe, secure and on the path to being relaxed. 

There’s a reason that you don’t just straight up dose yourself with essential oils. They are potent on their own and require a carrier for best efficacy. In our Simple Jane On The Mend Massage Oil, we use organic fractionated coconut oil to hydrate and protect your skin at every level. 

We are so passionate about the intention behind every single product we make. Take a peek at our signature formula for On The Mend and its powerful blend of essential oils designed to elevate your health and wellness. 

On The Mend Travel Size - $25
On The Mend 4 oz oil - $55
On The Mend Push Balm - $45


Lemongrass has a deep history for its medicinal uses. There are ancient manuscripts that date far back in Asian and Indian culture that tout the use of lemongrass as a powerful herbal remedy. As an anti-fungal, it is ideal in an topical treatment for skin ailments ranging anywhere from athlete’s foot to acne, and its antiseptic qualities make it a practical resource to address minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites. It has a unique duality in the sense that it is use to both calm nerves as well as promote alertness….making an On The Mend Travel Roller an ideal add on to your carry-on to relieve jet lag and overall fatigue. 


There’s a reason that this is the signature smell in so many spas…but it’s also not simply for the chill factor. The Alternative Medicine Review found that eucalyptol has an “antimicrobial effect and that helps resist bacteria-causing illness. Eucalyptol may also help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and ease muscle tension that can result from a cold or flu.” Which seems fitting when you’re thinking about the germ-factor in spa hot-spots like the steam room. We recommend a full-body application of On The Mend oil or balm before heading into any sort of steam or sauna...not only will you feel super relaxed, you’ll also add a layer of skin protection from germs.


This essential oil may seem simple, but in a topical sense spearmint is shown to have powerful anti fungal and antioxidant properties. That’s why it’s such an important ingredient in both our massage oils and our balm and plays an important role in creating a healthy skin barrier.


Peppermint is so popular with so many cold and flu remedies due to its antimicrobial, antiviral and antioxidant qualities that help fight infection and symptoms that affect the respiratory tract. We all know “Vick’s Vapor Rub” right? That’s the “feel the burn” quality of menthol. But the therapeutic-grade essential oils that we use in On The Mend are not designed to “burn” the same way that a heavy dose of peppermint typically does. It works synergistically with all the other essential oils to soothe and relax nasal passages. So go ahead, rub some On The Mend Oil between your palms and breathe deep. Whether it’s cold, flu, or simply seasonal allergies, we added just the right dose of peppermint to contribute its expectorant, anti-inflammatory and overall invigorating properties.


Yes, lavender for relaxation may seem pretty obvious. But the use of lavender in this particular blend plays a bigger part than simple relaxation. In this study done with patients suffering from asthma, lavender essential oil inhalation suppressed allergic airway inflammation and mucous cells.


If you’ve ever smelled vetiver on its own…we’ll be honest, its not exactly lovely. But vetiver is a key component in the success of On the Mend by balancing things out with a grounding element. It is considered a “sacred herb” and has been known as the “oil of tranquility” in some cultures. Vetiver has also been shown to cool the body when applied topically. Whether it’s  the height of flu season or working out, On The Mend  is an ideal addition to soothe body aches all over. 

Every oil has a clear meaning in this special blend. We create every product within the Simple Jane CBD collection with intention, designed to make you feel amazing in your body every day. So apply generously and keep feeling well wherever life takes you. 

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