5 Reasons To Keep Temptress In Your Purse

More Than Just A Sexy Thing...

Read Why Every Babe Needs Temptress in Her Purse.

One of the things that inspires us most is learning all the ways YOU use Simple Jane products in your day-to-day life. Our CBD products are designed to fit into the every-day woman’s modern life. So when we found a few more ways to use Temptress, our top-selling Topical Aphrodisiac, we thought you’d want to know.

Here are a few reasons we’re keeping a bottle of Temptress in our purse this season, and why YOU should too.

1. It’s Cuffing Season

Whether you’re dating someone new or having date night with your partner, love is certainly in the air this time of year. Date night gets a little extra razzle dazzle when they see that Little Black Label in your bag…*And as an added bonus, thanks to a release of oxytocin into your bloodstream…orgasms are one of the best ways to relieve stress any time of year.

Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac

2. When You Need Some Oomph

Get ready to WERK babe because we know you have some power plays to make. Rolling into a big meeting? Going for a raise? Closing a deal? The best power you have is the fact that you a WOMAN and your power comes deep from within. So go ahead and spritz some Temptress on your inner thigh or at your wrist before you make some power moves and roll in with that Goddess power.

3. Forgot Your Mints?

Rub a little Temptress on your gums for a fresh tingle in a pinch. According to Dr. Axe, clove and cinnamon essential oils (key ingredients in Temptress!) work as the perfect germ killers and freshen up your breath in a pinch. It’s even been known to relieve tooth aches and stave off candida.

Because Temptress is made with ONLY pure CBD, organic fractionated coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils, you can trust that there is only safe and effective ingredients that you can apply wherever needed.

Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac Massage Oil - $45

4. Warm Up Those Mitts

The warming blend of essential oils in Temptress are known to relieve holiday blahs and relieve tension and fatigue. Rub some into the palms of your hands and take a whiff. Now close your eyes and  remember…. This Holiday thing is over in a flash.

5. Cold and Flu? No Thank You

Rub some Temptress onto your neck and under your nose. The organic coconut oil and CBD work as a protective barrier while the essential oils work to open up clogged passageways and increase circulation to keep all those germs at bay.

Temptress CBD Aphrodisiac

All that from a Topical Aphrodisiac? It’s true- and She's great in the sack 😉


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