3 Ways To Arouse Your Mind – And Your Body Will Follow

Watch great porn

Yes, in fact it totally does exist! We love this evolving narrative of porn. We heard it said best recently: the problem with porn is it’s not a representation of real sex…it’s a performance. Which is fine in its own right! But important to remember that porn sex and real life sex….they have totally different end games and experiences.

Diving in to the dark web of online pornography can be tough on many levels, and with everything in the sensuality industry, we believe that that porn we watch can have a sincere impact on our psyche. Who’s up for a little ethical porn? Yes, thats sexy!

Imagine porn built on the premise that women are subjects of their own pleasure. That’s Bellesa - a porn hub where fantasies and content is made by women, written by women, directed by women and produced by women. Their guiding principle? No fake orgasms.

Bellesa leads their content with sex-positive implications woven throughout their scenes - from equal pleasure, consent, and navigating power dynamics.

Put in your headphones…

Like a podcast...but make it sexy. How about five to twenty minutes stories that you can tune in to anywhere you want? Dipsea is a collection of short sexy audio stories that spark your imagination and get you in the mood.

Feeling turned on is so much more than just a physical reaction. Arousing your mind and activating your imagination is a sensual start to tap into your deepest desires, or even explore ones you might not have thought of yet.

Get (Bed)ucated

The best way to have confidence in your sexuality? Learn a little more about it! That’s why we totally adore Beducated.com.

This incredible resource is like sex ed for grownups, with it’s very classy and sensual content. Our advice? Start with their Tantric Massage online course. Topics are anything but boring here....this isn't your average online course! Virtual recorded classes with topics like Yoni Massage? G Spot Bliss? Sounds like a Friday night in to us….

Perfect When Paired With...Naked

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